TRU is here for every step of your international academic adventure, which includes supporting you as you navigate setting up your life here in Canada. Banking is an important consideration when getting ready to study abroad. While there are many banking options for you to explore in Canada, we have gathered resources on a few options that may interest you. From in-person to online, the banking option in Canada are safe, secure and accessible.   

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Below are some of the many the available banking options, with locations in Kamloops. We recommend exploring all options before settling on the best fit for you. 


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Simplii Financial ™ powered by one of Canada’s largest banking infrastructures, provided us with some expanded information for you to consider as well. As Canada’s leading no-fee digital bank, Simplii Financial allows students to open and fund their bank account prior to their arrival in Canada. 


  • Bank on your own terms ─ use mobile and online banking to fit your lifestyle, with no monthly fees & 24-hour multilingual support 
  • Simplii protects its clients with excellent security measures, backed by one of Canada’s largest banking infrastructures 
  • Access to over 3400 CIBC ATMs across Canada

Why consider banking with Simplii?​

As an official partner of IRCC, students can open and fund their accounts before arriving, where funds can be used as Proof of Funding requirements for Study Permit applications which will be sent directly to IRCC.

Choose the right account for you​

GIC Program:


Can be used as the “Proof of Funding” requirement for Study Permit Applications.


As an official partner of the IRCC, proof of funding will be sent to IRCC directly.


You are limited on how much you can withdraw at one time. Fund $10k to $20k CAD equivalent to your Simplii bank account prior to arrival. 

Direct Deposit Program:


Despite not having the Proof of Funding specific support, you can access all your funds as soon as you arrive in Canada and can fund $10k to $20k CAD equivalent to your Simplii bank account prior to arrival.





Open your account before arriving ​

Digital Know Your Client (KYC) Process 


Take advantage of a fully digital onboarding experience where International Students can complete  
their identification process in just a few steps on Simplii’s app or website. 

Activate your account when you arrive 


Students will receive their Debit cards at their Canadian address and will have access to over 3400 CIBC ATMs