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Ready to #SynergizeYourSummer? Submit your photos and challenges below by August 31, 2021. (You get entry point per submission!) 


PS. You must be registered to earn points. If you haven't registered your team yet, register now!

WEEK 1: AUGUST 2, 2021

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Challenge #1: Voluntary and Open Membership!


What it means to you: No matter what your financial situation looks like, the door is open, without gender, social, racial, political or religious discrimination.

Your challenge(s):


Option 1: Visit your local credit union and use the outdoor sidewalk chalk to draw a picture that represents diversity. Take a picture of your work and share with us!

Option 2: Watch our 7 Cooperative Principles Video from It’s A Money Thing, and submit a photo of you and your team eating ________ like Jen!

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Challenge #2: Democratic Member Control!


What it means to you: You help call the shots by electing a board of directors. One member equals one vote. This is local democracy in action.

Your challenge(s):


Option 1: Choose a fun outdoor activity with your family and friends, and make sure you have a photo to submit! (Just like you have a voice in picking your activity, you have a voice in your credit union too!)

Option 2: Check out this It’s A Money Thing article in our blog, What does it mean to be a member? and take a photo with the sweet treat Jen has been asking for!

WEEK 2: AUGUST 9, 2021

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Challenge #3: Member Economic Participation


What it means to you: Better rates, lower fees and services that benefit the entire credit union. The more that members participate, the more there is to go around.

Your challenge(s):


Option 1: Check out 5 Totally Free Things You Can Do to Support Your Local Economy in our It’s A Money Thing Blog. Take a screenshot of Jen’s mode of transportation in the video.

Option 2: We challenge you to support a business. Submit a photo of you and your team purchasing an item, leaving a nice review, or bringing employees a card/ gift for all their hard work.

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Challenge #4: Autonomy and Independence


What it means to you: As a financial co-operative, your credit union is controlled by real members like you, instead of outside shareholders. Decisions and partnerships with the credit union are made with the members’ interests first.

Your challenge(s):


Option 1: Write an online review for Synergy CU! Tell us what it feels like to be a member with us and what it means to you. Don’t forget to screenshot your review and attach it with your challenge submission.

Option 2: Refer a friend or family member! Take a picture with your referral and submit the photo with this week’s challenge.

Option 3: Create team banner or poster! Submit a photo of your creation.

WEEK 3: AUGUST 16, 2021

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Co-operative Principle #5: Education, Training and Information

What it means to you: Access to financial literacy tools and resources. Credit unions believe that education contributes to personal growth

Your challenge(s):


Option 1: We’re passionate about learning! And, we know many of you are too. Visit your favorite place to learn (like your school or a library) or you’re a person who inspired you. Snap a photo and submit. Plus, tell us why you value you what they taught you and why!

Option 2: Visit our It’s a Money Thing section of our blog. Pick two topics you have not previously watched. Submit a photo to show us what you learned. We encourage you to show your learnings in a creative way!

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Co-operative Principle #6: Co-operation Among Co-operatives

What it means to you: Your credit union strengthens the co-operative movement by partnering with organizations that share the same important values.

Your challenge(s):

Option 1: Do some research! Communities are made up of many cooperative groups. We would love to hear about some of the ones in your community! Send us a picture of a cooperative organization in your community.  

Option 2: Show us how you co-operate with family or friends and build a fort (pillow forts are totally acceptable!) with your friends & family and share a photo of your creation!

Option 3: Host an outdoor gathering with your team, like a picnic. Show how you co-operate and divide tasks like who’s bringing the burgers, among each other!
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Co-operative Principle #7: Concern for Community


What it means to you: Knowing that your day-to-day banking translates into benefits for charities, local businesses and the entire community.

Your challenge(s):



Option 1: Get out in your community and make a difference. It could be anything from pick up a piece of trash, help a neighbor with yard work, or a random act of kindness and make sure you send us a photo!

Option 2: Watch this video about the Town of Kindersley. Where do you see Synergy in your community? Submit a photo of the many ways Synergy can be seen around you!

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